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Landed Food Factory

Landed Food Factory can be found in selected areas of Singapore mainly concentrated in the North, East and West of Singapore. Landed food factories comes in various sizes from as small as 6,000 sq ft of land to more than 200,000 sq ft!

In general, we define landed food factories into 2 classes, Standard Factory or Purpose Built Factory. The difference between these two are standard factories are factories built by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) that caters for the general food industry at large without considering any specific food trade requirements and a purpose built factory as the name suggested it is built with a purpose in mind which the construction of such factories are generally done by the food companies themselves.

With Housing Development Board (HDB) transferring its entire industrial portfolio to Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) from 01 Jan 2018, JTC will be the largest landowners of landed food factory in Singapore. A JTC landed food factory wills attracts land rent which the building owners (lessees) will have to pay to the land owners (JTC).

The benefits of having a JTC landed food factory is the customisation and alteration of the space to suits your specific needs and even demolish and rebuilding to increase the floor area of your existing space. Of course these modifications will be subjected to JTC’s discretion and approval. To buy a JTC food factory will typically takes 6 months or more to be completed and will be subjected to JTC’s criteria to prevent any form of speculation and to benefit the end users in the long run as well as the entire industrial landscape of Singapore



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